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Insight Education Group and PR with Panache! (PRP) used an exceptional keyword and content strategy to take organic web traffic to never-before-seen levels.



Showing Value in a New Website

Insight Education Group’s (Insight) Google ranking in the education marketplace has been consistently above average, but after an extensive site redesign, the company’s leadership was still looking for ways to bring their service and solution pages to the top of organic search results.


“Through the optimization work we’ve done together, we’ve seen Insight’s influence expand to school and district leaders in states and districts new to us as evidenced by them finding us through simple Google searches.” 
—Jill Nyhus, Vice President of Business Development


Using PRP’s Keyword and Content Strategy to Propel Website Rankings

Insight and PRP quickly identified opportunities to highlight additional keywords specific to their buyer personas, content, products, and services. This improved individual page rankings and their overall website domain authority


Incredible Results

A connected content strategy can affect your entire operation, from page design, to content placement, to outreach—ensuring that you’re connecting the content dots that lead to success.



This immediate success can be directly attributed to keyword enhancement and placement, improved readability, and design that makes it easier for Google to index key pages based on optimized keywords.


“The PRP team not only provided a careful analysis of areas that could be improved upon but also provided specific recommendations on how to fix issues. Their expertise was exactly what we needed to get to the next level.” 
—Jill Nyhus




Insight Educational Group is an international educational company that supports education leaders and their work to increase student achievement. They partner with education leaders to develop the strategy and confidence to lead bold change—providing the wrap-around and embedded supports to help make change happen.

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