Distance Learning for Students with Dyslexia

Distance Learning for Students with Dyslexia

Source: eSchool News

Supporting students with dyslexia during a pandemic is a challenge, but by keeping parents engaged, using the right tools, and being flexible, it’s a challenge we can meet

As the dyslexia coordinator for my district, I’m a big believer in individualized, in-person interventions. So much of the support we offer our students with dyslexia is centered around small group work during our intervention block. It certainly made the sudden switch to distance learning quite the challenge!

The keys to overcoming that challenge were the same for us as they were for educators across the country: keeping in touch with students, using the right tools, and being as flexible as possible.

Staying connected

Our biggest concern has been to stay in touch with our students just to make sure they’re okay emotionally and physically throughout this time. We know it’s been rough on them. I’ve bragged more than a bit about all of my interventionists lately because they’ve done such a good job of staying in touch with each of their students personally.

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