Instructional Reading Program that Supports Teachers, Parents, and Students

Instructional Reading Program that Supports Teachers, Parents, and Students

Source: The Learning Counsel

Waterford Reading Academy (WRA) combines adaptive instructional software that guides students from learning to read to reading to learn with tools for teachers, students, and families to build strong, supportive networks.

For students, WRA offers skills practice via adaptive online instruction, teacher assignments, and guided student choice. Students have access to developmentally appropriate new and familiar books, rich literature, and nonfiction texts from the very beginning to encourage independent reading.

Teachers receive planning resources and coaching to guide successful implementation and usage. Dashboards, reports, and access to customer success support help teachers target instruction for individual students, small groups, or the whole classroom. Benchmark assessments track student growth and proficiency throughout the school year, and detailed end-of-year reports celebrate the progress made by individual students, classrooms, and entire schools.

Families get in on the action right from the beginning, with orientations that teach them how to support their students’ learning. They then receive weekly recommendations to encourage learning at home and reinforce the concepts students are learning at school. Throughout the year, families also receive recognition of goals met so they can celebrate academic successes.

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