Supporting students’ college journey in the age of COVID-19

source: eSchool-News

eSchool Media: With the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, what are you seeing as the biggest challenges students and families are facing in applying to and preparing for college?

Myles Hunter: Parents are desperately trying to figure out ways to keep their children from being affected by the COVID slide. High school students in particular are worried about entrance exams and acceptance into colleges, so it’s very important to them to keep up with their studies and work on getting good grades. We’re also seeing a great need for help with college application essays.

Dr. Chandra Pemmasani: The major challenges for students and families have been the lack of stability, structure, and the battle against learning loss. Parents had to implement the transformation from traditional in-classroom education to whatever their district decided to do right before school started. Many parents continue to struggle with supervising their child’s education while working 40+ hours a week. Reinventing the ways students focus, engage, and effectively learn had to be done on the fly and many are still working to find the right balance.

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