Why ‘Failure’ Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word in Education

Why ‘Failure’ Shouldn’t Be a Dirty Word in Education

Source: Market Scale

If you talk to anyone who has been successful at reaching their goals, they’ll tell you that they had to allow fear of failure to take a passenger seat on the way there. They’ll tell you that they embraced the possibility of failure, and that, if failure was at the end of their current path, they had no problem jumping onto a new path until they reached success. Failure is an opportunity to take what you’ve learned and make a different choice the next time around. It’s not the end of the road if you fail—it’s the beginning of a climb to reach success.

Students can learn this mindset early, and edtech tools can help them get there. Students shouldn’t be solely aiming to get the correct answer. They should be seeking understanding and mastery while learning along the way. Getting to the “why” is as important as getting to the right answer. This comes with patience, persistence, and an accepting attitude toward struggle. Developing this way of thinking will positively impact all areas of a person’s life, and especially on their academic journey. Here’s how educators can help students develop those skills.

Turning Failure into Opportunity

Every time you fail, you learn to grow and persevere. Every time a student fails, they have the opportunity to learn something. That willingness to stay curious and engaged will help students build a growth mindset. Eventually, no matter what you encounter, you’ll have the confidence to plow through, creating your own pathway. This is something students can take far beyond school. Whatever profession they choose, a more positive mindset toward failure will help with whatever goals they set or obstacles they encounter in their lives.

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