Building Trust with Education Decision-Makers

District and school leaders don’t want to simply buy products from providers. They want to form long-term relationships with partners.

Our industry is relationship-based. Those relationships are built on trust. Building trust begins with demonstrating that you understand the needs and challenges of your audience and proving that you have their best interests at heart. PR with Panache! will ensure that you engage your prospects in a way that positions you not just as a vendor, but as a stakeholder in their success. 

Together, we will identify what your prospects are really looking for in a partner and leverage the right chapters of your story to facilitate strong connections between your brand and the educators you look to serve. Building trust isn’t easy. Today’s sophisticated buyers want a personalized experience, so the path to success lies in a willingness to listen, learn, and be helpful.

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Be authentic and educate your buyer.

Education decision-makers are savvy consumers. They want and need to purchase, but they don’t want to be sold to. We will guide you in connecting to your authentic voice and creating the content to educate your buyer on what matters to them, not just what matters to you.

Gaining your audience’s trust is a process that takes time and effort. Check out our post How Good Ed Tech PR Builds Trust—and Revenue to learn the keys to effective PR and Marketing in the education market. 
Customer Centric2.png

Become customer-centric.

Understanding your buyer’s needs and challenges is key to effectively reaching your audience with a message that drives action. Each prospect has unique behaviors and preferences, and this presents us with the opportunity to move past the “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach and deliver customized content designed specifically to every individual visiting your website. By determining what content each prospect needs and wants to see, we meet them at their stage of the buyer’s journey and nurture them through your sales funnel on their timeline.


Reach your buyers on their terms, not yours.

Personalized marketing is rooted in customer insight. Timing is key: your end-of-fiscal-year or holiday promotions may not align with your customer’s decision to purchase. PRP will connect you with your prospects by disseminating content through the channels they frequent, whether that is email, Twitter, LinkedIn, or somewhere else. We work hard to create great content—and just as hard to make sure it is seen and inspires action!


Connect face-to-face.

In a world where most of our communication happens online, there’s still nothing like meeting someone in person to build a trusting relationship. Whether through our Storytelling Suite, meetings at conferences, or other opportunities, PRP puts you in the room with the people you need to know.

PR with Panache! is constantly listening to the market in order to identify your customers’ most important issues and to develop the most powerful, actionable narrative for your company that will position you as a well-respected industry leader.

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