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Insight Education Group (Insight) and PR with Panache! (PRP) used an in-depth audit to strategically repurpose preexisting content and streamline Insight’s lead-conversion process.



Increasing Engagement Through Content

Adopting HubSpot in 2013, Insight has undertaken two major website overhauls—each with the goal of driving more website traffic and increasing conversions. In their latest overhaul in 2016, in addition to a new look and feel, their primary goal was to increase ROI through the creation of valuable content assets and conversion paths for their website.


“We were thrilled to see immediate action on these new offers when we had leaders from states and districts with whom we had never met fill out forms and convert into quality leads, which has now led to new contracts.” 
- Jill Nyhus, Vice President of Business Development


Using PRP’s Content Strategy to Increase Leads

To help Insight achieve their goal, PRP performed an in-depth content audit, combing through every asset—as well as performing a needs assessment on existing content offers— to discover what Insight’s buyer personas were really looking for from their content, and what pieces of content could be created to move prospects to the next stage of the marketing funnel. It also highlighted content Insight already had that could be refreshed or updated.

Through the content audit, PRP determined that there was a lack of top-of-the-funnel, introductory-level content offers to capture information from new web visitors. PRP recommended that Insight break apart an existing 20-page eBook to create two topof-the-funnel assets. PRP then created a content map of areas on the site where the new content would fit as well as designed and implemented lead flows for these new resources.



Worthy Results

The time and energy required to create new content can feel draining, but reshaping, rebuilding, or repurposing your resources can create a range of new opportunities to engage prospects and leads in any stage of their journey. PRP identified two new assets within an existing piece of content, leading to an increase in quality leads.


“We saw each of the new content offers produce at least 10% more submissions than the once top-performing call-to-action [CTA] on our site through relevant lead flow placements. Placement of these CTAs on relevant pages within the site produced 60% of the overall submissions during those 90 days, and the new CTAs button generated 34% more landing page traffic than the original text links that we had been using as CTAs.” 
- Jill Nyhus




Insight Educational Group is an international educational company that supports education leaders and their work to increase student achievement. They partner with education leaders to develop the strategy and confidence to lead bold change—providing the wrap-around and embedded supports to help make change happen.

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