Evan Outlaw

Evan Outlaw

Project Manager

As a young cub, Evan Outlaw proudly stood on his couch and sang the words of the famous cartoon lion, Simba: “I just can’t wait to be King!”

Evan continues to work towards that goal by accepting all challenges, from the world of sports to the world of marketing. He graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a degree in mass communication, where he built a penchant for advising musicians on their personal branding. Upon graduation, he worked as a marketing coordinator for a power manufacturer and most recently spent time in advertising sales.
In his free time, Evan consumes several forms of media at a time, most commonly listening to music, web searching irrelevant information, and watching the latest popular Netflix Original. Evan has been working with kids since age 15, and through the years has witnessed the benefits of amassing knowledge. He's excited about the integration of technology into the classroom, and will share his enthusiasm with anyone who will listen. While those are some of his favorite interests, his fascination with the world is without limit, and he loves meeting new people.

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