Mother & Son PR Veterans Firm Becomes First EdTech Exclusive PR Firm

Mother & Son PR Veterans Firm Becomes First EdTech Exclusive PR Firm

Source: Nibletz

PR with Panache! Becomes First PR and Inbound Marketing Firm to Serve the Education Marketplace

PR with Panache!

PR with Panache! (PRP), the award-winning public relations, storytelling, and strategic marketing firm, is thrilled to announce that it has become the first full-service PR and inbound marketing firm specifically focused on serving the education and ed tech industries. This shift was driven by PRP’s passion for improving teaching and learning by supporting companies in their mission to best serve ed tech decision-makers.

“Becoming the education market’s first full-service inbound marketing, PR, and storytelling firm demonstrates our deep investment in our clients as well as improving outcomes within our industry,” said Jacob Hanson, managing partner at PRP. “An inbound marketing approach is perfectly suited to how decision-makers within education want to interact with vendors. We have the expertise to deliver our clients the world-class inbound marketing, inbound sales, and public relations support they deserve.”

According to Hanson, PRP’s transition to becoming education’s first full-service inbound marketing and storytelling firm began more than two years ago, when district CIO’s and other decision-makers made it clear to the industry that their purchasing decisions were not aligned with vendors’ end-of-year or promotional calendars. “District and school leaders prefer to work with vendors who approach them as a valued partner in solving their challenges, and who deploy a non-disruptive, inbound marketing approach that fits not only their purchasing cycle but also their teaching and learning needs,” said Hanson.

“By creating and leveraging dynamic content, as well as deploying powerful marketing automation tools, we attract and move education decision-makers through our client’s lead funnel that is aligned with their prospect’s journey to purchase,” added Hanson. “Over the past two years, we have consistently seen our vision for the future of PR and marketing align with the direction in which the education market and our clients are moving.”

PRP’s passion for increasing the effectiveness of clients’ PR, storytelling, and marketing campaigns led it to partner with HubSpot. With the inbound marketing platform at its fingertips, PRP has industry-leading tools for collecting and analyzing the data that clients need to engage their leads, prospects, and customers in productive conversations that lead to sales. Each inbound marketing-certified member of the PRP team brings a different area of expertise to its clients, from strategy to content creation to SEO. PRP supports all levels of inbound marketing, using not only HubSpot, but also Pardot, Marketo, and other marketing-automation platforms.

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