PR With Panache Wins Prestigious EdTech Award

PR With Panache Wins Prestigious EdTech Award

Source: Nibletz

PR With Panache Wins Prestigious EdTech Digest Award For The Third Time

EdTech Leadership WinnerLast week EdTech Digest unveiled their annual EdTech Awards. This awards program is the largest and most competitive recognition program in all of education technology. The annual awards recognizes the biggest names in edtech along with those startups and innovators that will be the future leaders of this extraordinary sector.

EdTech Digest’s EdTech Awards looks at three main categories in the industry; Cool Tools, Leadership and Trendsetters, highlighting the up and coming.

In the EdTech Leadership Awards category they look at:

  • startup founder(s)
  • founder(s) / ceo
  • school leader (teacher, media specialist, technology coordinator, instructional technology coach, principal, superintendent, etc.)
  • visionary
  • U.S. leader
  • global leader (making a difference across international boundaries)
  • edtech advocate (author, blogger, thinker, presenter, speaker)
  • PR firm/publicist working in edtech

This year, our friends at PR With Panache, a PR firm that caters strictly to EdTech, won the highly coveted PR award in the edtech leadership category.

“More often than not, we’re champions for our clients and for education. Our role is to stay in the background, and we love to play it. However, we could not be more excited and grateful to be named 2018’s EdTech PR Firm of the Year by EdTech Digest! We share this honor with our dedicated team and our wonderful clients who provide us the stories we have the opportunity to share.” PR With Panache’s Jacob Hanson told by email.

Find out more about the EdTech awards here, and PR With Panache, here.