One of our essential skills at PR with Panache! is relationship-building, because everyone works better with people they trust.

PR with Panache! EdNET PanelOn Monday, September 18, at 10 a.m., PRP’s editorial director Chris Piehler will moderate an EdNET panel that will illustrate why, when it comes to marketing, trust is more effective than disruption.

The jumping-off point for “Don’t Crash the Party—Get Invited: Why a Disruptive Approach to Marketing Is No Longer Relevant” will be survey data collected from administrators across the country detailing how they react to different marketing approaches. The panelists will include:
  • Dr. Stephanie Miller, Superintendent of Congress School District #17 in Arizona; 
  • Emily Garner-Sumner, Founder of Underscore Creative; and
  • Our own Jacob Hanson, Managing Partner of PRP.

The freewheeling (yet data-driven) discussion will focus on what educators really think of various marketing materials and approaches, as well as practical ways that companies can become partners with educators—not just another vendor whose emails are deleted or calls ignored. Each panelist will share their unique perspective on why education companies need to shift their marketing strategy from a disruptive approach to a buyer-centric approach.

Everyone who comes to the panel will leave with clear action items to help them build or strengthen the kind of relationships they need for long-term success in the education market. To view our panel as well as the full schedule click here.


Don't miss out on our EdNet 2017 Birds of a Feather Roundtable discussions “Turning Stories into Sales: Using Data to Drive Engagement” to unlock the secrets that help you capitalize on a prospect’s behavior without interrupting their journey to purchase.


Roundtable dates and times are listed below. 

Monday, September 18th from 7:30 - 8:30am

Tuesday, September 19th from 8:00 - 9:00am

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