Answer these 5 Questions to Ensure a Strong 2017 Marketing Strategy

Jan 31, 2017

By: Craig Spooner

At this time of year you have likely reflected on your 2016 performance and are on your way to a stronger 2017. You are excited for the chance to start fresh, while keeping in mind the lessons you learned in 2016.




Before you dive into 2017, ask yourself these five questions.

  1. Is Your Plan Based on Facts, Not Opinions?
    The EdTech industry is full of extremely passionate people. After all, EdTech has the capability of transforming education and impacting how youth learn and grow. That’s powerful stuff. Passion can lead to foggy judgement, however. Look over your 2017 marketing strategy and verify that it’s full of goals based on research and data, not on passionate opinions.


  1. Do you Understand your Competitors?
    Seasoned marketer David Anderson wrote in his book Strategic Marketing Planning for the Small to Medium Sized Business that it’s essential to understand your competitors for a strong strategic marketing plan. By knowing your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths, you will be able to identify possible threats and opportunities. Understanding everyone in the marketplace will help you set realistic goals as well.


  1. Does your Plan Align with your Organization’s Mission?
    According to Anderson, your mission statement should drive the values, goals, and identity of your organization. If you created a strategic marketing strategy that does not align with your mission statement, you run the risk of hurting the brand you’ve built, potentially leaving customers confused about your organization.


  1. Did you Schedule a Time to Review your Plan?
    It’s extremely important you live and breathe your 2017 marketing strategy throughout the entire year—not just when you created it at the end of 2016. Frequently reviewing your plan will ensure you stay on track, even if no changes are necessary.


  1. Is your Plan Available to your Organization?
    Do not let your marketing strategy hide in a binder on a shelf. Your entire organization can help market, given the right tools and resources. By making your marketing strategy part of your company culture, you will better move your organization forward. You’ve put the effort into creating a marketing vision—don’t be afraid to share it!


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