Keeping college students’ grad school dreams alive during the pandemic

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Higher education looks a lot different than it did this time last year. Universities are seeing a serious drop in virtual classroom attendance since the academic year began this fall. According to Dr. Chandra Pemmasani, students may also be wary of applying to grad school in a distance learning environment. As someone who moved from his native India to the U.S. to earn the medical degree that he coveted, he believes that students are better served keeping their “educational momentum” going.

Pemmasani is the founder and CEO of UWorld, which creates and delivers online learning tools for students preparing for high-stakes exams in a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, law, accounting, and finance. He founded UWorld during his medical residency, in response to his personal disappointment with the tools that were available to help him prepare for the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination.

The company that started in his university dorm room has now helped more than two million students succeed on exams and in their careers. Here, he talks about how educators, families, and students themselves can all work together to keep college students engaged and keep their graduate school dreams alive during this time of unprecedented disruption in education.

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